Mother-Daughter Blogger Duo

About US:

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-I am 37 years old & Savannah is 15.
-Savannah was born on my 22nd birthday so we share the same birthday πŸŽ‰  -We are both birthday divas so we celebrate all December long
-We live in a household full of 3 boys + my husband but we are total girly-girls
-Every Tuesday night we watch chick flicks or the Bachelor together
-Savannah was the reason I became a photographer (I'm retired now) and now I'm teaching her my tricks so that she can photograph my outfits too
-We both loooove to bargain/thrift shop
-We are both OBSESSED with graphic tees which is one of the reasons we sell them
-We are both all about empowering women & young women to be confident
-We both love Instagram! You can follow our individual accounts at @kellifrance & @teen.fashionqueen



I wanted to share more about WHY my daughter and I started Fashion Blogging together as MOTHER-DAUGHTER FASHION BLOGGERS.

Savannah and I both have a passion for fashion! Ever since she was young, Savannah (age 15) has had an INSANE sense of style that's all her own! We joke that her style is "funky & spunky" and mine is "classy & sassy".

Memories- We thought this would be fun way to make memories together since Savannah, my only daughter, has only 3 years left at home. Breaks my heart just thinking about it!

Modesty- We wanted to show how to dress modestly & on a budget. Savannah's "Teen Looks" will always be Mother-Approved.