1. I like French fries and learned French in Jr. High but that's about as French as I get. Someday I will go to Paris.
  2. I love shopping. Black Friday is like a sport for me.
  3. I'm obsessed with Cadbury eggs (lovingly referred to as "Crack-bury eggs")
  4. In my head I'm 17 years old.
  5. I was voted "Most Likely to be a Walmart Greeter" (a.k.a. Most Outgoing) in high school so I have high aspirations to fulfill that role when I retire ;0)
  6. I love to ugly-dance & have kitchen dance parties with my kids.
  7. I secretly like ramen noodles because I'm classy like dat
  8. I've lived in Idaho, Kansas, Nevada, Colorado, and currently reside in Salem, Utah
  9. Hello, my name is Kelli and I'm an Instagram Addict (@kellifrance)
  10. I take a nap at least once a week. It's good for the soul.
  11. I'm a Mormon
  12. In my book, chips + salsa= a vegetable
  13. I've lost over 60 lbs!!!
  14. I look forward to being an old lady so I can get away with pranking teens (think Betty White), knitting 3-armed sweaters for my grandkids, driving bad, and dying my hair purple. #grandmagoals
  15. I'm a Target Junkie. Good thing I live 30 minutes away from one or I would probably know all the cashier's first names.
  16. In college, I mountain-biked 104 miles in 2 days. I also ate peanut & marshmallow cream sandwiches on a regular basis too but that's besides the point.
  17. I love kickboxing. It's like punching someone to a beat. What could be better?
  18. If I could only watch 5 TV shows they would be: This is Us, The Goldbergs, Parks & Recreation, The Office, & The Bachelor(ette).
  19. I have NINE siblings (2 brothers, 4 stepbrothers, 1 step sister, & 2 half sisters)
  20. My husband and I went to "The Price is Right" game show on our honeymoon
  21. I have 4 kids whose personalities are like salsa: hot. medium. mild. pico.
  22. My daughter was born on my birthday so now there are TWO Birthday Divas in the family
  23. I have a Cranky Kids album on Facebook & (#KellisCrankyKidsAlbum on Instagram) of my kids throwing tantrums. I plan to put the pics in a photo book that I will give them when they have their 1st child.
  24. I retired from being a professional photographer after 13 years.
  25. I am a National Executive Director with Color Street nails 

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