puddles after rain

Yesterday, I had a little "Mommy meltdown".  Ya know those days where you just don't feel adequate as a mother and you don't even want to be one?  That was me.  It rained this afternoon but afterward I took the kids on a walk all around the neighborhood (mainly trying to wear them out so they would go to sleep easily!)  On our way home, we found this huge puddle that formed after the rain. I decided to be carefree and not worry about  wet shoes and told them to splash in it.  They splashed and splashed for the next 30 minutes.   As I sat there with the sun beaming down on me, watching  them with pure joy, I noticed the way the sun was sparkling off the puddle and reflecting onto their sweet faces.   Soaking wet and smiling, they looked so sweet and innocent, finding such joy in this simple piece of nature. My littlest looked so cute crouching down in the puddle splashing with a Superman cape safety pinned to his back.  I wanted so badly to go get the camera but we were about a block away and I knew that I should just take this memory into my heart.  Then a thought came into my mind that is something my Mom has said to me many times. "After the storm, comes the rainbow" or in this case, after the rain comes the puddles.  I realized that things were going to be okay with this move and are gonna get easier.  I am even starting to get excited about it.