My kidsKelli France

And we're back

My kidsKelli France

Well we made it back from Utah. The trip back home was not quite as lovely as the trip there and towards the end, I texted my husband (who had to stay home and work) that "when we get home, they're all yours." We had a fabulous time though fishing with Grandpa, eating, shopping with Grandma, eating, going to the dinosaur museum with my step-bros and Papa, eating, attending a wedding, seeing old friends and did I mention eating?

I did something kinda naughty too. I left my camera at home. It felt good to just be me and not a photographer.

I did take pics of my girl when we got home though. Some of my favorite pics of my kids are the ones where I just catch them being cute. Here she is swinging in the backyard with the dog. So content.

Awwhhh...the lazy days of summer.