Carter's cancer ~ Colorado Springs cancer photographer

Every once in a while I have the privilege of doing something truly meaningful with my photography to help someone out who is struggling. This session was very dear to my heart because not only was it done to help someone out but it was for a dear friend of mine whose paths were destined to cross. Jennifer Wyeth of Jennifer Wyeth Photography hired me for a photography business makeover from Francypants Academy and we instantly became friends. It was a crazy coincidence that she ended up moving to the same city I lived in only a few months after taking my online class.  We have tons in common and love hangin' together. A few months ago, we planned to go on a double date with our hubbies.  Then I got a text from her saying that she couldn't go out with us because her son, Carter, was sick.  The next text I got from her was this: "He got diagnosed with leukemia last night. He'll get better but it will take a few years. We are at the hospital for the weekend at least if not longer. We don't know any details yet."  I was SHOCKED!  I couldn't believe how quickly her life had changed and how scary that would be for a Mama.  It made me hug my kids a little more that weekend.

Jenn and I don't get to hang out as much anymore since Carter was diagnosed but I REALLY REALLY wanted to do something special for her so I asked her if we could please do a video and photo shoot documenting Carter's cancer and Jenn was totally down for it.  It was SO wonderful to work with her and little Carter. He is such a cute and clever kid! He would say the darndest things. And Jenn...She has handled everything SO amazingly well! She's been so optimistic about it all and is such a strong person. I am lucky to call you my friend, Jenn. I hope these pictures touch your heart as much as they touched mine in having the honor of taking them.

The video will be up tomorrow. It's a tear-jerker!