End of School Year Slip n' Slide Party

Not only do my kids look forward to the last day of school but they also look forward to the annual Slip n' Slide Party that we have a few days after school ends. They each get to invite 1-2 friends along with their Moms (so I can have some fun too) to come over and have fun in the sun. We provide pizza and popsicles and then ask everyone to bring a side dish. It's also the only time of the entire year that I make Kool-aid...he.he.he! To prepare for the party, I set up the slip n' slide and fill up a sturdy plastic pool and turn on the sprinklers--easy peezy! I usually buy pre-cooked pizzas about 20 minutes before everyone arrives so that we are ready to eat right when they all get there.

I can't tell you how much my kids LOVE doing this every year. In fact, as I was blogging this my 4 year old saw one of the photos and said, "Oh I LOVE it when we do that!" Not only do they love it but I also enjoy doing it every year because it gives me a chance to enjoy the sunshine and chat with several of my friends all at once. So this might be a fun idea for you to try to celebrate the beginning of summer.

What do you like to do to kick off the end of the school year?