FAQ Friday ~ Babies & Bookkeeping: The 1 thing you & I aren't doing that we should be

Today's video is super exciting because I reveal whether we are having a baby boy or a girl!!! According to the survey below, 55% of you think I'm having a girl and 45% of you think I'm having a boy. Guess you'll have to find out if you are right or not. I also hold you hostage so we can discuss some muy importante left brain stuff called "bookkeeping"--bleh! I recently discovered something that I had been totally neglecting to do with my financial reports so I wanted to make sure you learned it too so we can step it up! Not only do I share this one thing that you and I are not doing that we should but I also share:

1. Why to hire a bookkeeper for life

2. Why you should sit down with your bookkeeper to discuss numbers every month

3. The importance of knowing what "time it is" with your mula!

Alright enough of this left-brained stuff now. I'm getting pumped for a Girls Night Out tonight. Yippee!