14 Years Ago | Fitness Friday

This was a #throwbackthursday from my Instagram that is dedicated to any woman out there who might be just like me 14 years ago after I had my first baby.

-You might be overweight & overwhelmed like I was. -You might be feeling frustrated with your body while trying to figure out this new thing called motherhood. -You might not know how to get back to your pre-baby weight. **This message is to give you HOPE: -Hope that you CAN feel better about your body. -Hope that you CAN find time to workout if you really want to. -Hope that you CAN feel strong & confident in your own skin. -Hope that CAN eat better...even if you got in the habit of eating for two while pregnant. I know how exactly how you might be feeling because I've been there with 4 different pregnancies where I gained around 60 lbs with every baby. ...... I also know how to overcome those struggles with the proper nutrition, portions, and 30 minute home workouts that actually get you results. ..... So if you're feeling a little hopeless, this message is for you that YOU CAN feel better NOW and even 14 years from now, like I do, if you invest a little time & money in your health. It's not selfish to take care of yourself. You'll be a better wife & mom when you do!


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