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{my forever favorite flavor}

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Birthdayblog My husband and I just celebrated our TEN year anniversary and I'm happy to say that we still got it!  When I was dating Matt, he was everything I ever wanted in a guy (believe me, I had a LONG list of qualifications).  I couldn't find anything wrong with him!  He is just so perfect for me and I am so very blessed to have found him.  I wanted to share a poem that I wrote when we were dating. It's about all the guys I had dated in the past (I admit, I was a little boy crazy) and then he came along...

"My Forever Favorite Flavor"

I was once like a little girl in the candy store

always wanting just one more.

Boy, did I have an appetite!

I sampled everything in sight.

One was not enough for me.

I wanted quantity, not quality.

As time flew by, my hands got sticky

and I decided to be objectively picky.

I spit out the ones that were really gross

and got a tummy ache from overdose.

Then you came along and I couldn't resist--

your luscious, sweetness must be kissed.

So I broke my piggybank of love and spent it all on you.

Your everlasting essence

was something I longed to chew.

My sweet tooth only wanted to savor

you--my forever favorite flavor.


So now I need your help.  I have always wanted to enlarge one of my wedding photos.  I am going to make one of these a large canvas.  Which one do you like best?  I can't decide!