Office Makeover: the "after" photos ~ Colorado Springs baby photographer

This was no easy task.  I had to take everything out of the office and then start from scratch.  My goal was to make it look clean, fresh, happy, pretty and functional.  It was difficult to do because not only do I work in there but my husband & kids like to be on the other computer AND I needed space for my Presentation Artist to package orders and frame prints.  This is a tiny room so I had to utilize EVERY square  inch. We are also renting this home for now so I could not paint the walls or build anything onto the room. However, I knew that if I made it pretty, I would be more likely to keep it clean and organized...regardless of my right-brain tendencies.

So here it is. My clean-fresh-pretty-and-functional (and no longer crap-tastic) OFFICE:

When my Presentation Artist saw the office for the first time, she gasped and asked, "Has it always been this big??"  See what I mean by feeling like the walls were crowding in.