Office Makeover: the "before" pictures ~ Colorado Springs baby photographer

This was my office.  I love my work but I HATED working in there.  All the colors were dull and depressing.  The clutter became chaotic.  How can a girl be creative in a workspace like this?  Although I ATTEMPTED to make it organized, I felt like the "stuff" was taking over the room and that the walls were coming in on me. You wouldn't think your surroundings have that much affect on you but this room did. It totally effected every aspect of my life, including my creativity (or lack thereof) and my sense of control  (or lack thereof).  It was stressful just being in there.  I wanted to make it a better but I felt it was silly to invest money in a room that hardly anyone else sees. But I see it.  That's the important thing. And so I changed it....drastically.  I can't tell you how much more HAPPY & PEACEFUL the *new and improved* office makes me feel.  It is by far THE best investment I've made in 2010.  The "after" pictures are coming tomorrow. You know that the "after" pictures have to be good if I am posting these fugly photos ;0)

View from the door:

My crap-tastic workspace:

My desk clutter:

The gargantuan file cabinet & random packaging items:

The packaging-framing-place-for-random-clutter-table:

My pathetic attempt to be organized. All my packaging supplies:

The closet:

My husband's desk: