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{Savvy peeps}

PersonalKelli France

The place we stayed at was fabulous but the people were what really made it so special.  I met the most amazing women there. Marsha, the coordinator of the entire workshop, was such fun!  A couple of us had a little sleepover in her suite the first night before everyone else arrived.  Good times.


All seven of us Savvy speakers.  I LOVED working with them and learning from them all!


Probably one of my favorite times was the last hour when all the ladies wanted headshots so I shot some and got some too!

shootin angweb jayneweb

My headshots.  The laughing one is my fave.

meweb savvy-13_1 savvy-12_1

I wish I had taken more images of all the fabulous friends I met but I was also very busy teaching!  The camera didn't even come out of the bag until the last day. My bad!

STAY TUNED.  Tomorrow I've got some sweet shots of our midnight tank top partay!