{senior 2010} ~ Colorado Springs high school senior photography

Well, I had a lovely birthday that included Olive Garden (yum!), shopping (my fave!), a movie, and an overnight stay at The Curtis in Denver.  Good times!  Nothing like a little get-away. Oh and I got an i-Phone that I got for my birthday!  That is THE greatest toy for grown-ups ever.  I think I am going to have it surgically sewn to my arm --I love that thing! The grocery store app! The "Where's Waldo?" app!.  The compass (so I can find the right window light)! ...A-MAZING! But now it's back to reality with all 3 kiddos home and climbing on my back as I type this.  I can handle the summer when they're all home because they can go outside but in the winter,...ugh! To survive this next two weeks, I went to Michaels and got some shrinky-dinks, a gingerbread house set, and some watercolor sets to keep my kids busy.  So that should last them about....15 minutes total. Bah!

Anyways, this Senior booked this session a year-and-a-half ago!!!  Her Mama is a big blog stalker and even stopped me in the store before we ever met because she recognized my kids.  We had a lovely time together and got some great shots even though both of us couldn't feel our toes!

Well, enough talking, here's the pics: