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I have declared January "Mom Month" for my blog so I will be doing some fun things this month including "Mom-preneur" interviews, give-aways & more.  Each week I will feature a local Mom-preneur.  If you are a local Mom-preneur in the Southern Colorado region and would like to be featured on my blog, please email me and I will send you an application. Today's Mom-preneur feature will be about a local cake-maker, Callie Helm.  She works magic with fondet!  Since we all know that I am not the best at cake making, she will be making my baby's birthday cake & my daughter's baptism cake this month. Yay for not having to fail miserably (yeah, the Lego cake.....not so cute!)


cakeboxlogoWhat is the name of your business?

The Cake Box

How did you come up with that name? Originally I came up with Colorado Cake Box, but decided to simplify it to The Cake Box.  I wanted something cute and simple for my customers to remember.  Short and sweet and hard to beat! ;)

How long have you been doing this? I have been baking and decorating cakes for about 10 years, since my oldest was a baby.  Mostly just for family birthdays and occasions  It was something I enjoyed doing, and then earlier this year I discovered fondant!  I made my first fondant cake for my sons 2nd birthday in February 2009.  Now, I LOVE doing it!  I began receiving a lot of positive feedback from a cake blog I started (coloradocakebox.blogspot.com), and thought, "hey!  I can probably sell these!"  I began marketing on-line and started a website, and the orders started piling in!  It has been less than 6 months, and even I am surprised at how quickly it has grown!

Please explain a little bit about your product/business and how you developed the concept behind it: I believe every cake is a work of art, and every occasion is worth celebrating!  Food and art are two of my favorite things, and the idea of mixing the two together was very exciting for me!  I wanted to create a service where I could work with my clients from start to finish and design the custom cake of their dreams.  Typcial grocery stores and bakeries don't offer custom fondant cakes.  With shows like The Cake Boss, and Ace of Cakes, custom fondant cakes have become very popular and trendy.  It seemed like the perfect time to launch my business!

What makes your product/business so unique? There are a small handful of bakeries in Colorado Springs that offer custom fondant cakes.  Most cater to wedding cakes.  My service offers custom fondant cakes for any occasion, and in almost every theme.  I custom mold characters out of fondant, including animals, people, babies, etc.  These are unique custom touches that customers crave and appreciate.  My service is also unique in that I can make 3D cakes, including cars, animals, etc.  Every cake truly becomes a work of art, and customers love that element.  I also bake all my cakes and make my fondant from scratch, so customers know they are getting quality ingredients in every bite.

Do you have a store-front/ website/ etsy? http://www.coloradocakebox.com

What is the hardest part or have been some of your struggles starting your own business? This is a one man show for me, so the hardest part has been keeping up with the orders!  I am not always the most organized person, especially being a stay at home mom to three kiddo's!  It has been an adjustment keeping track of orders, customers, dates, payments, etc. There have been many late nights for me, and many "growing pains", but along with the struggles and the days where I feel want to give up on it, come the joy and satisfaction of following my dreams and knowing that I am using my talents to bless the lives of others.

How do you balance your business and your family? I couldn't do it without my very supportive and loving husband.  He is my rock.  He has supported me and pushed me from day one.  Thankfully, most of my orders are for the weekend, when he is home.  He takes care of the kids and their needs while I bake and decorate.  It is a blessing doing it from home, because if I need to take a break to tend to my family I can.  I work according to my schedule, which makes it manageable.   For example, I am not accepting orders for the week of Thanksgiving because we will have family in town.  It is nice to make those changes when I want to.

What are some of your short and long term goals with your business? I have recently branched out in to teaching cake decorating classes from home.  I was surprised at the demand for them!  If it proves to be successful and worthwhile I may continue with a more permanent schedule.  For now, I am happy where I am at.  My youngest is only 2, and I love having time to spend with him each day.  When he starts school in a couple years, I may consider growing my business to a store front, and hiring help, so I can take on more orders.  That is what I love about what I am doing.  The sky is the limit, and I can choose how high I want to fly. :)

Thanks Callie!

For all our blog readers, Callie is offering a 20% active duty military discount, and if you mention "France Photography" she'll give a 15% discount on any order!

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