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the whole fam-damily!

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My kids are such posers.dafam


You have to know Jack to know that he's totally goofing around in these poses.


Me being a ham. I prefer the other side of the camera.moigkidsurbanFor Thanksgiving the whole France family got together and I did a massive session in ONE HOUR!  I was pretty proud of myself for squeezing that many shots in so little time.  All of the Moms bribed the kids with $5 (or Legos) so we actually got some good pics of the kids.  That is, except MINE.  My kids are photographer's kids, and as photographers all know, photographer's kids are THE worst.  My baby (i.e. toddler) was bawling, my daughter was cold, my son was slouching, and my husband was biting his tongue.  GOOD TIMES!  I HATE getting our family portraits and they didn't even work!  *Sigh* Maybe next year!

Anyways, I got some great shots of everyone else in the fam.  My fave is the one where all the grandkids are laughing (because "Uncle Jack" was making goofy faces).  Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!